Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do You Know?

All of this pain is because of you,

I want you to know that,

Love is so much like hatred,

As I miss you, I hate you even more...

I can't forget,

I can't hold on,

To hold onto my love for you,

I made a promise to care for you,

I still remember that...

Where are you now?

I will forget my warm tears that fall,

They just burn my heart which aches even more...

Why am i aching alone?

Someone said

"as the skies can always stay as it is, so too can we survive any ordeal"

Even if my feelings are burnt to dust,

I will live as if I were dead,

Love is about pain,

Even a very deep love seems to harm people...

Look at how I can't move,

I am still missing you...

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